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What's Your Risk Number?

Learn How Identifying Your Risk Number Can Drive Long Term Returns.

Every investor has a unique risk number that corresponds with how much risk they are willing to take. Your portfolio and investment strategy should match your risk score.

Does yours? 

The first step is to take a 5 minute quiz that covers topics such as portfolio size, financial goals, and what your willingness is to take risk for potential gains. Then we’ll pinpoint your exact Risk Number to guide our decision making process.

Informational Videos

To better understand the importance of knowing your unique Risk Number, watch the video below.

Not all investing climates are the same. There are periods where the winds are fair with following seas. We call these ‘sailing’ environments.  In other periods we can be facing headwinds due to political, policy and economic uncertainty. We call these ‘rowing’ environments. 

Please see the video below on Sailing and Rowing environments and how they can impact investment returns.

Sailing and Rowing from Waypoint Wealth Planning on Vimeo.

Our approach to portfolio construction is designed to keep you invested through all market cycles, up and down, rowing and sailing. Portfolios implemented with this method have a larger allocation to the stock market, which can help you get closer to your financial goals over the long term. We refer to this approach as Investing Evolved. 

Historically, the stock market has been the best way for investors to participate in economic growth and increase their savings. Investing Evolved allows you to have more of your money allocated to the stock market, with supplemental risk management strategies that can give you the confidence to stay invested during market declines. 

  1. Core Market Portfolios – Provide exposure to growth and income in domestic and global economies
  2. Tactical Strategies – Provide supplemental returns through active equity and fixed income management
  3. Diversifying Strategies – Help manage equity risk, particularly during times of steep market declines

For more information regarding our investment discipline and how it could potentially improve your financial outlook, please contact us at or complete the above Risk Questionnaire by clicking the “Does My Portfolio Fit Me?” button and we will be notified when your questionnaire is complete.


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